March 24, 1961

You linger in my heart - you have been there forever…
I cannot let you go - Its too far away … and I need your touch.
I need to reach out and find you there… to feel your arms around me.
I am drowning in the love I feel for you… just one touch my heart soars…
To the heavens where it stays with you - I cannot possess it anymore than I can possess you.
You own me… You own my heart…You own my soul…
I am yours - forever, and you are mine for all eternity.
I cannot let go - you cannot let go…

We remain the one part of each other no one else can touch…, feel…, or understand.
No one else was there… no one else knew us… not really.
We were one, as one in another… your heart beat in my chest… and mine in yours
So how can you die… you cannot… I will not allow it.
I will never, ever let you go... I will keep you alive in my heart
Until we meet again… this time for all eternity.

Diane Elaine Stark and William Eugene McConnell


March 24, 1961

Together Forever with love

More than Life Itself

46 Years ago today


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