More Than Life Itself

“Love is a single soul dwelling in one body.” Aristotle

First, to my Uncle Homer, who told me that my life had been 'stranger than fiction', and I should write a book - not 'could' but should! That one moment gave birth to this memoir. I wish he had lived to see it happen.
Second, to my family, who often took a back seat to my 'just one more minute' delays as memories of long ago played through my mind, and my heart, as if it were yesterday. Particularly, my husband, Dick, who put up with my time travel in silence, even though he knew that I was living and breathing in my world before we met - and falling in love with Billy all over again.
Not that love can die - love never dies. Perhaps, love sleeps, however it is forever 'there', in the heart and in the mind, and in an ocean of unshed tears.
Finally, to my 'angels', those that gave me the strength to make it through those dark days of Sept 1965, and to my 'Special Angel', the one who sat on the arm of my chair, whispered secret memories, wiped my tears, and shushed my sobs while, once again, I walked those dark corridors of my memories and found that I still love my Billy 'More Than Life Itself'.
Very special thanks to all my 'trial' readers, for their comments, suggestions, and compliments, and to (my dear friend, Laurie',) Designer Lady for helping to make this part of my dream come true.


In the moment that I saw your face,
Somehow my heart just knew;
That I would spend a lifetime,
Filled with loving you.

In the moment that you touched me,
As you pulled me to your side;
Your arm slipped 'round my shoulder,
My heart no place to hide.

In the moment that I touched you,
Felt your heart beat beneath my hand;
The look I saw there in your eyes,
Spoke a language I now understand.

The moment that you held me,
Is somehow frozen there in time;
A place of sweet contentment,
Engraved in this heart of mine.

In that moment when I felt your heart,
Gently dancing with my soul;
I knew in that one moment,
That you had made me whole.

Each tiny sparkling moment,
Sweet memories of you;
Fill my heart with contentment,
For somehow my heart just knew.

Allison Chambers Coxsey
©1996 ~ All Rights Reserved



"Stairway of Dreams" © Josephine Wall

Graphic Set by Designer Lady
Made Especially for More Than Life Itself